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Garth G. Hudgins, AIA, LEED AP

President & CEO

A native Oklahoman and son of a cattle rancher, Garth Hudgins was taught the value of a strong work ethic and accountability. The ethos of “working smarter not harder” was one of the many lessons his father instilled within him at a young age.


As a college student, Hudgins worked in construction every summer to gain real-world experience. He began to see the importance of good leadership and aspired to take on a leadership role in this industry – forging ideas long before breaking ground and envisioning the completion before the beginning. This was the role of the architect, he thought – creating artistic designs while considering the practical demands placed on these structures by climate, nature, health and public safety.


While attending Oklahoma State University, he began to see the connection and complexity of art and science with architecture – anticipating problems before they arise and providing solutions. After decades of training and experience he has developed a deeper knowledge of his craft; however, the values instilled in him as the son of a cattle rancher have always served him well in his career and life.

When not at the office Garth enjoys spending time with his wife JoAnna, and his four kids.

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